Understanding Faurat – Muslims, Revolution

2nd of a series

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Towards new doctrines on standards in engagement

In the 1st part of this series, we expounded on the dearth of the true Islamic component within the Islamic State, many other terrorist groups (Mideast, South Asian, ASEAN or African, Mediterranean models).

In that discussion, we arbitrarily assign the Jamaat – or the movement of liberation type of template. This model has more commonality with Marxist, Leninist, Nietzsche, or other similar left-of-center political ideologies or Nazi Ultra-Rightist that struggles to appear to be from the other end of the spectrum.

Russian, Chinese, German, Libyan, Cuban, Cambodian, other models in revolution, have many aspects in common with the mold however it can be said that much of the intellectual aspects of the political myth of the revolution needed to be adapted to the specific environment. In a more contentious manner, we can almost say that the myth is bastardized to the degree to which the leader or leaders perception of their environment is distorted.

The distortion cannot be helped but we cannot dwell on that here, you can always ask your own shrink anytime.

In the case of the Islamic State, we see the emergence of the acceleration of establishing the post-revolutionary, utopia-bound scenario promised by the ISIL political myth.

This is common in the many running revolutionary movements around the world today based on the so-called progressive ideologies that have been overtaken by the natural intellectual growth of political schools of thought.

As we noted earlier, the Jamaat / Marxist models necessitate the building of the critical mass or the United Front.

The concept of the united front in some cases, cannot be wholly interchanged with that of the pure mass base of the revolutionary front.

In the case of the Philippines, the template of the re-established Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) for instance, that essentially translated into its offspring the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), by operation of osmosis or enosis, also into the breakaway group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that is now working with the United States of America in building an independent “Juridical Entity” in Southern Philippines with coaxing from Malaysia, this template contains two distinct categories of the critical mass:

The Red zone – fully indoctrinated mass base. The revolutionaries are free to hold court and roam in the area without any risk to their safety. Every member of the community is either a revolutionary or very strong sympathizer.

White area – indoctrinated mass base mixing with the non-indoctrinated population as well as hostile forces. However, the revolutionaries, hostile forces often than not, reach a modus vivendi not to harm or endanger each other within the confines of the zone – one of fundamental reasons by which it is defined as a “white area.” The revolutionaries and leaders are able to visit the zone but with appropriate caution.

As of the present moment, the situation of the Islamic State in occupied parts of Syria, Iraq is fluid. Therefore it cannot categorically be said that the same occupied areas are already wholly contained, red-zonized.

With dastardly, iron handed tactics such as ISIL’s swift mass executions or targeted assassinations that we suspect is also being carried to the extremes by the Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Islamic State is working towards transforming their new occupied settlements into “red zones” – or in their parlance, the Caliphate.


It can therefore be said that the policy of more controlled drone attacks by the U.S. – notwithstanding or probably because of the fact that the drone capacity of U.S. is overwrought, will be a very sensible policy.

Without higher controls, there is danger of contributing to the radicalization of survivors within the Islamic State white area that are not wholly sold out to the ISIL ideology but merely trapped inescapably therein by circumstance. The drones can endanger and kill innocents and make their bereaved instant converts into radical, extremist, terrorist killers.

The overall concept of targeting should be as in the case of the special warfare mindset used during hostage rescue assaults or similar templates and platforms. Coalition forces fighting ISIL cannot use the shotgun approach in attacking ISIL strongholds as these contain large numbers of trapped innocent civilians.

Why the ISIL appears to be a different animal than the Al Qaeda is that the ISIL is a mere continuation of the insurgency in Iraq following the invasion that merely spread out to Syria, now in Yemen.

It must now therefore be understood that what lies beyond our entire portrait of the ISIL as a simple revolutionary, liberation front, is either entirely reversed or completely contradicted.

It will appear that the ISIL is bound together by an ideology that is more Ultra-Rightist, Nazi-inspired. Its entire configuration is almost a duplicate of the regime of Saddam Hussein but with bits, pieces of Islam thrown into the mix, some revolutionary political myth elements, the entire soup dish can actually be somewhat tasty to the uninitiated, the psychologically impaired all over the world today.

There is no real CaliphISIL Governorateate, everyone from the ISIL side of the fence and all of the rest of the world outside the imaginary lines defining this terrorist organization know this to be true.

It is merely the Republic of Saddam Hussein Ba’athist Political Party resurrecting, with a revolutionary flavor, and not without the original terror tactics and methods of the Jihaz Al-Mukhabarat Al-Amma – the infamous Iraqi Intelligence Service whose most notorious leader was Rafi’ Dahham Mejwel Al-Tikriti – who at one time also served as Iraq’s Ambassador to Turkey.

Emblem_of_the_Iraqi_Intelligence_Service.svg (1)

Emblem of the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS). Simply add an S, and it becomes ISIS. The IIS logo is now the universally known brand of the ISIS terrorist wearing a balaclava.

download (28)

In the particular case of ISIL, how do you fight the resurrected Jihaz Al-Mukhabarat Al-Amma and that Ba’ath once again?

The Kidnapping-for-Ransom (K & R or KFR) is an old tactic, it has no originality nor novelty to it.


As to why Turkey is being accused of showing that it is exceptionally loyal to and is consistently almost in complete collaboration with ISIL, we cannot even begin to imagine the strong ties that exist between ISIL and Turkey and the inner, unwritten reasons why these two entities are ultimately gravitating toward each other in pursuit of someone’s doomsday scenario that is only simplistically designed to rid the planet of unsuspecting victims by their own doing or undoing.

A new Doctrine of War against groups like ISIL should be able to define the path for 94% of world population that are insane and who are just about primed well enough to slowly but surely engage in the act of killing one another.

A new Doctrine should entail massive restructuring of intelligence and increasing cognitive and other similar ability for the forces sent to war.

An intelligence structure retrofitted with a design that will not allow letting populations or its members be killed and decimated.  A structure and system that shouts if a Coulibaly or Kouachi is under watch but the casing has been dropped – the heck if these Coulibalys or Kouachis commit a series of crimes or terrorist attacks against unsuspecting civilians or police or military personnel.

Intelligence and investigation that makes us safe instead of afraid.

A new Doctrine should be able to read into the situation not from the point of view of the conventional wisdom alone, but from out of the box.  As it appears, conventional wisdom is the one that keeps getting our troops and on occasion, civilians, killed in the hands of terrorists.

A new Doctrine that is fearless, unafraid, that has the nerve to warn the public or even single individuals of coming danger instead of a the schemes that allow people to get killed to prove a point and enact inhuman rules and policies.

A new Doctrine should consider the broad and recent historical frameworks within the broader context, beyond the Biblical, Judaic, Clausewitzian, Confucian, or similar other outdated premises that have pre-formed present schools of thought in warfare doctrine.

If we do not see the signs of long ago, and recently of foreigners joining ISIL or in many ways even the Boko Haram in droves, the psychotic affair at Ferguson, and many similar known and unnoticed occurrences, we the 94% supposedly sane and slightly mentally ill, are truly fucked.

Perspectives for the Future

The psycho-social implications of the emergence of ISIL are tremendous. In a world defined by the situation painted by OXFAM International as exceedingly lopsided where 1% of the globe owns 50% of the all the wealth in the world and 99% of the earth’s population own only the other 50%, the words of renown psychologists ring true: the small minority of about 6% that are labeled as severely mentally ill or about 20% who are generally insane are the ones that are normal.

The majority of 94% of supposedly normal or slightly insane who label all the others as extremely psychologically pathological and a danger to society, are the ones that are in a state of bonkers.

In our current state, the proximity of 94% of the global population getting one idea or other about joining the ISIL is greater than 6% of severely ill patients in and out of mental hospitals being recruited into the terrorist organization.

This is the due to the combined effect of all the inequity, imbalance in the distribution of wealth, opportunity, the failure and miscarriage of justice through the acceptance of bribes and favors by judges, prosecutors and advocates, the apparently deliberate neglect to safeguard people from disasters, massive corruption in so many countries, the continuing theft by the wealthy and the powerful on the poor resulting in more and more inequality, suffering, poverty, social ills, psycho-somatic diseases, criminality and not to discount the policy of the 1% to kill billions to erase part of the world population that pose a very considerable threat to their continued lavish and criminal existence in this planet.

This is what we get for being a complacent 99% to the whims, caprices, evil designs and the real and actual mental disturbance of the 1% who cannot satiate themselves with the immense wealth they have.  As if all that power and influence will make them smell like roses in their graves when they dive 6 feet under.

It is theretofore, our sad situation that is contrary to what the Israeli Ambassador was saying over CNN that every single terrorist’s shot, bomb, knife blow, is a blow of Radical Islam against humanity. Against all of us.

The dire, painful, morbid truth is that, 94% of all of us in the populations around the world who are not receiving treatment for severe mental disorder, are going to be the ones killing each other.

And all our friends in the 1% of the population – with the exception of those that truly still have the minimum decency remaining in them will say, “We done a good blowjob all.”

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