Understanding Faurat – Islam and Revolution

What is a Sustainable Remedy to Terrorism?

France attacker22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800Printing facility outside Paris where two of the terrorists were neutralized

France just suffered from deadly terrorist attack. The policemen and civilian victims were struck with high powered weapons by terrorists claiming to be ISIS but that authorities are saying are members of and trained by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

images (5)Islamic State leader, al-Baghdadi

Whatever the affiliation of those terrorists, it does not matter. What matters is the question that had been ringing in our ears for more than a decade now: Does the Military and law enforcement need to redesign, re-engineer their existing war and peacekeeping method?  Most certainly, they do.

Both military and police science are incontrovertibly applying biblical, Judaic, or else Confucian as well as variants of the marriage of eastern and western strategy and tactics in the conduct of warfare or militia work.

The question is, are these disciplines carried over from millennia and centuries-old systems still effective after millions of mutations of the demeanor, the character of aggressors?

images (22)images (21)

The Treaties, Conventions that globally govern the standards in the Rules of Engagement, are just as Jurassic as the very systems of warfare that spawned them from the very beginning.

Out of mostdownload (20) ideological systems, particularly the so-called progressive ones that emerged at the turn of the 19th century, came the concept of revolution, which creates, as the Marxist-Leninist doctrinaires dub as the “New Man” and Friedrich Nietzsche christened as The Übermensch – the Geman for Overman, above human, or “Superman.”

Nearly everyone around the world today who prefers to stay with the conventional wisdom and wants to pitch in their two cents worth into the discussions and workshops on how to provide enduring solutions to terrorism is trapped in the obsolete, age-old systems. In terms of philosophy and culture, they keep on blaming Islam, keep on attacking Islam, they strike at the so-called intolerance and mock the antiquatedness of the religion of Muslims.

This is stupid and foolish. Only sheer morons will not be able to recognize that the main ingredient in the current make-up of the supposed “Muslim” member of the terroristic Islamic State is no longer characteristic of the real Islam.

The declaration to engage in Jihad by groups like the old Palestine Independence groups and then the more recent Al Qaeda, the Jemaah Islamiyah – that in the first place were all part of the project of the western governments as well as many other violent groups to throw out Russia from Aghanistan as well as crushing its puppet organ, the Taliban therein, is even just the least bit Islamic.

Not to be oversimplistic about it, but at the danger of being so, we maintain the posture that most if not all of the present terrorist groups are sheer psychopathologic anomalies. The members of the current terror organizations hide under the cloak of Islam by declaring themselves to be free of control and regulation. As the proponents of “Happy Islam” say, extremism is the height of “irrationality.”

These groups do not possess the true spirit of Islam and pretend to be fighting everyone and all, thinking that everyone outside their group is barbaric and therefore should be killed, maimed or rendered disable.

For a more lasting solution to the fight against radicalism and fanaticism, new systems of thought need to be developed.

The 21st Century Warfare Doctrine should already be formulated to replace the relic and fossilized ideas and concepts of many millennia and centuries ago.

In the struggle to combat the effect of the so-called Islamic terrorist group for instance, to understand their current Fourth Generation (4G) or asymmetric warfare one must first be prepared to accept one of the new variants of strategy and tactic of such armed groups.

One must consider the new threat radical groups as central to some form of “ideological warfare” and at the core of their belief is a variation of a mold of “revolution” that envisions a “post-revolutionary” (e.g. Islamic State, a bastardization of the Ummah) and that condition not dissimilar to Utopia.

This particular mold, may arbitrarily be called a “faurat” – in reference to an Islamic revolution, a revolutionary group or a movement.  The Nietzschian superman and the Marxist new man thereafter comes into play here.

As soon as the participant in the “faurat” gets indoctrinated, the fighter becomes reborn. The new member becomes a new person, a superman or superwoman. At that point, the former personality of the new member, given the intense education within the terrorist organizations, is effectively erased forever.

(The Arabic term of faurat, “Revolution” is not found in any of the pages of the Holy Book al Qur’an.)

Analysts call this as injecting great doses of poison ideas into the mind of the new member.

After a group of the superman and superwoman becomes viable and functional, as in the majority of ideological movements, the critical mass of supporters is formed – it is called the mass base or the united front. In the context of ideologues, this is the “water where the fish will swim within.”

What will further develop this new member is taking him or her into prison together with other fellow terrorists.

download (21)As Marxist-Leninist thought instructs, every man is steeled upon being captured and detained in a prison cell. Instead of diminishing the new man or superman’s capacity, prison forges a more formidable person out of the captive. One of the high points of Marxist tenets is that once you are imprisoned, you must exert all available means to free yourself to be able to fight again.

Superman Antithesis Doctrine: The New Warfare

Ultimately, the best form of technology for fighting the anomalous “faurat” model of asymmetric warfare is to view the terror organization as a bonding together of supermen and women. That these individuals, as supposedly irrational and rendered robotic through harsh mind conditioning, are no longer human nor imbued with any form of compassion and feeling.

New ways of dealing with such kind of adversary that considers themselves figuratively as “invincible,” “indestructible” ought to be modeled. This is going out of the box, but as it happens, that box is too obsolete that it has already crumbled a long time ago.

By modeling the superman, the invincible, indestructible doctrinaire, can more or less be predicted within a few measures of error.

With such modeling, specific means of neutralizing such kinds of individuals must be devised that does not necessarily make the one applying the measure become stripped of any remaining humanity.

As a more advanced and forward thinking but more expensive measure, the superman must never be allowed to develop into a superman or new man at all. That entails gargantuan effort but what does it matter if it will help keep so many innocent victims safer in the future? And the life of the victim saved may be that of the President, a future Minister or Secretary or else a big CEO of a successful company tomorrow?

During their capture, the superman terrorist must be provided only with isolated chambers and never be allowed to mingle with captured terrorists. As futuristic stories have it, it might even be better to place them instead in cryo state or else dealt with in any other manner that renders them rather less harmful than before.

An important facet of this school of thought of warfare however, is preventing the formation of mass base or the united front.

It must be borne in mind that the base of knowledge and experience that produced our current outdated systems of warfare from the Middle East, to Sun Tzu to Clausewitz to Hitler and many others, was at best not that full of valuable input that may even be put to shame by the capacity of regular seven year olds in our present day.

Carl von Clausewitz

With so much data in our midst, the proliferation of software, hardware and other capabilities for creating new means of engaging in modern warfare, fighting terrorists, conducting really efficient and modern law enforcement, it is appalling how everyone is still surprised at attacks that happen “all of a sudden” and without any “forewarning” at all.

This is the stupidest and most idiotic situation that all military and law enforcement forces as well as policy and decision makers are all in.

There is a way to deal with the new “faurat” form of terrorist group or Jamaat (movement) as it were, it will take just the great will to remove the resistance to the forging of new strategy and tactics that can effectively improve combating these superman and superwoman cells, cluster of cells, or whole large-scale organizations that include the critical base of support or in the case of the Islamic State, a mass base that that can also be used as mass of hostages.

Military science and police science need to improve, with the potential of new forms of warfare emerging in our world today.

Without new approaches and new directions, without an acceptance that we are all still enmeshed in using and rationalizing extremely old-fashioned ideas and concepts, more attacks will happen in the near future and the aggressiveness of the terrorists will ever increase simply because they will always succeed and security forces are always likely to fail.

Unless of course, the current economic elite, who are supposedly pushing their vision of a New World Order, compatible with the thoughts of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Nietzsche, are the same ones that are perpetuating the decrepit, useless system of engaging in warfare and using the archaic, outmoded Treaties and Pacts on rules of engagement, treatment of prisoners of war, to enable the new order to come about.  Treaties that we should have done away with even before the new millennium had come about.

That is a sad situation for the billions of prospective victims all around the globe.  For comments, please write: ceoexecutivesafety@gmail.com.


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