Sharing Information A Very Difficult Process

French President François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, France’s security workers, police and the people of that bastion of Liberté could possibly be in big trouble.

François Hollande

But they will not be alone. The United States, Philippines along with a large chunk of Asia, Israel (an almost 100% likely target always), among several other highly vulnerable countries will be targeted. In the recent attacks in Paris’ (multiple attacks against Charlie Hebdo offices), the Al Qaeda supposedly takes responsibility for the attack. This is mostly just interlocking with the current wave of Iraq-Syria Islamic State group’s highly organized and determined terror acts fueling a vision of a world war.

The Al Qaeda, dominantly Sunni but on many occasions accommodating members of the other faction of Islam – the Shiites – is nearly in a state of collapse even if its remnants are still mostly burning with the same fervor and dedication with which they joined that organization.

targeted violence

This recent attack in Paris, France however underscores the pledge of the Islamic State to attack France for being poised to or actually helping in sending its own troops to fight against IS in Syria and Iraq.

We have always maintained that being basically Sunni, Islamic State is going to be a very formidable enemy. The Sunni faction of Islam is the bedrock of the world Muslim community. (A sub faction the Wahhabis are the ones that perpetrate extremism. The Islamic faithful distinguish Sunni however from Wahhabis)

The Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, on the other hand, organized or helped pioneer the Jamaat (movement) group that is one of the most dominant terror group formats in Asia and elsewhere, as can be culled from the following: 

Jamaa al-Islamiya  –  Egypt

Jamaah Ansharut TauhidSolo, Java, Indonesia and has bases across Indonesia including in Aceh and Central Sulawesi. Also known as Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid. This group had earlier pledged full loyalty and solidarity with IS.

Jumaa Abu Sayyaf – Philippines

Tabligh Jumaa – Philippines

Tablighi Jamaat – India

Tablighi Jamaat  Pakistan

Tablighi Jamaat – Afghanistan

Jemaah Islamiyah – Indonesia

Jama’a Islamia – Malaysia

Other countries like Singapore, China, Thailand, Tajikistan, also plagued by problematic Islamic issues.

images (5)images (4)images (3)

This “movement” now has cells all over the world, recruited through various means – including electronic communications and their loyalty and behavior governed in part through the help of such means and social media. In the Philippines, still in jail up to this time, is one of the most notorious leaders and pioneers of Jamaat of Indonesia (Sulawesi), Agus Dwikarma.

Fathur roman al-Ghozi, one of Agus’ colleagues, who became Agus’ classmate in jail at the Philippine National Police Intelligence Group (PNP IG) detention cell was allegedly able to make a “daring escape” with the help of several large black sports utility vans waiting for the terrorist outside the PNP IG building.

Some quarters including most especially the doomsday prophets have suspected for a long time that a world war will be triggered by a Islam-Christian/Other Religions conflict.

That suspected scenario is upon the world community now. Judging from the worldwide response to the call for small jihad by Baghdadi the leader of IS, and one of the pioneers of the Jamaat concept, it cannot be denied any longer that a vast number of nations are now irrevocably involved in the hitherto proxy war in Syria and Iraq. (See CNN’s foreign forces distribution below.)



What is taking place today began as the uprising of troubled, highly aggrieved Iraqis resulting from the US bombings of Iraq during the 1990s, the atrocities committed there of which many prefer to be silent about, all the forms of suffering by the Iraqis due to the acts of their own fellow citizens making the wrong decisions.

Why will France bAndrew Parkere a destitute island in all the unfolding events? Why are the other countries that are unfortunately separated by miles from France going to be on the same road? British Counter Intelligence MI5 Chief Andrew Parker says that he reveals for the first time in 14 months that there will be a mass casualty attack in the offing.

Why this information is only being given out now after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the Paris store siege probably took a lot of agonizing on the part of the MI5 chief. The clan of the present British Royalty that sprung from a small part of Italy that bred the world’s economic elite may not be awed with France – one of the long time archenemies of the old English.

Even if the creation of the much accursed banking state of Switzerland is due in part to the contributions of France and its loyal Knights Templars, the controlling and dominant cultist group that runs the world banking system incline towards following the British and German as well as a pseudo Israelite or Judaic groups.

France’s being a parent of the Swiss city-state, is not of any consequence and it is therefore eternally going to be an outsider due to long-running vendetta against it by the English. In terms of sharing intelligence, the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the recent killing of police officers by the same group, the hostage crisis in a Paris shop, became well discussed and much analyzed with many inputs coming in belatedly that were supposedly held at bay – only after the fact. If what the MI5 chief is saying is true, and it is truly believed that it is, then future raids by terrorist groups will not be informed to France or the other luckless countries plagued by the Jamaat infiltration since the 1990s.

François Hollande 4It will therefore be an occasion to declare in the open at that time, that indeed there is already a world war. And the means to successfully create that particular dream of removing a large part of the world population for a selected few will have been realized. What remains to be done therefore is to come together and form a united front for all the affected countries that have been injected with the Tablighi Jamaat or simply the Jamaat virus now being carried by the ISIL to their own utter destruction and bringing down with them to hell the myriad of innocents (with particular attention to members of uniformed services and the media that are supposedly the wicked and devilish opposers of Allah and Mohammed).

If any or a combination of the infiltrated countries that are not cooperating with each other very well receive another blow in the near future, who will help them? Notwithstanding the feuds long existing between nations, the dream of reducing the world population to stave off coming hunger and anarchy will not allow some world powers to share the stage with others. Since France needs to be left out together with other poor victim countries of what is to come, then the French and their fellow wretched peoples have to muster the greatest will to rise up and collect whatever old or new information they can gather to prevent any more massacres, hostaging crises or worse, an MCI – mass casualty incident.

22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800Hayat Any lesser effort will place France and its fellow wretched nations on the map of the world’s highly dispensable, in danger of extinction territories. In terms of forewarning against disasters the United Nations has not lifted a finger to prevent casualties from happening. That organization is just the functional fingerling or quisling of the economic elite.

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